Portræt af Søren T Skou

Professor and head of research Søren T. Skou

Søren (PT, MSc, PhD) has vast research experience within the field of exercise, chronic conditions and multimorbidity. His main interest is to advance clinical care of people with chronic conditions through evidence-based prevention and treatment developed, evaluated and implemented in a close, interprofessional collaboration between patients, clinicians and other stakeholders.

Associate Professor Lars Hermann Tang

Lars is a researcher and physiotherapist with skills in physical activity and complex exercise-based rehabilitation interventions after chronical diseases with particular knowledge within cardiac rehabilitation. A special expertise of his is the use of alternative delivery models and the organization of clinical rehabilitation. Lars serves as Deputy Manager n PROgrez and co-leads the Exercise First research program

Associate Professor Charlotte Simonÿ

Charlotte holds a background as a nurse, educator, and leader. After defending the PhD. about lived experiences of cardiac patients during rehabilitation participation (2015), she has developed rehabilitation, palliation, and other programs to enhance health care, following what is essential to people to achieve satisfactory activity and well-being in everyday life with illness. Charlotte carries the position of research leader of NSR hospitals.

Associate Professor Malene Beck

Malene has a background as a nurse, researcher and head of nursing research. After her Ph.D., which investigated how 'peace and quietness' has an impact on patients suffering from neurological diseases (2017), Malene has investigated the significance of the environment for people admitted to hospital. Malene has designed, developed and evaluated studies, which are based on clinical interventions, and which have aimed to put patients' perspectives into play in relation to the meaning of 'Quietness' and 'Spaces' in connection with illness. Malene is research-wise interested in how environments invites (in)activity and strives to produce research-based knowledge about 'movingness' in an existential sense. Malene is employed as an associate professor, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, and has the last 10 years academic work experience from Region Zealand.

Post.doc. Pætur Mikal Holm

Pætur is a physiotherapist by background. He has a PhD in exercise and muscle function and physical function testing in knee osteoarthritis. In his current employment as postdoc, he leads projects in both tele-rehabilitation for knee osteoarthritis and exercise and education as first-line treatment following traumatic knee injuries.

Post.doc. Alessio Bricca

In his PhD project, Alessio found that exercise does not harm knee joint cartilage nor trigger inflammation in people with knee osteoarthritis. Alessio also worked at University of Aberdeen (Scotland) to improve the design, conduct and reporting of behavioural randomised controlled trials.

Ph.d. Karen Hjerrild Andreasson

Karen is a physiotherapist, has a PhD degree in physiotherapy for patients with asthma, and now does research in implementing breathing exercises delivered by physiotherapists in Region Zealand, Denmark. Further, she practices clinically at Naestved Hospital treating patients with multimorbidity, lung diseases or oncological diseases.

Post.doc. Stine Gundtoft Roikjær

Stine is a qualitative researcher with a BSc in nursing, MSc in Public health and a PhD in clinical research. Her research aims to centralize the patients’ voices in clinical research and strengthen meaningful health interventions by integrating everyday-life perspective into treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care for people with chronic illness.

Post.doc. Ditte Høgsgaard

Ditte researches the contexts of the patient's course across disciplines and sectors. In particular, she focuses on health professionals' communication and cooperation on patient transitions from one sector to another. She works with an action research approach and uses qualitative research methods in particular. Both health professionals and patients, and relatives participate in the research processes

Post.doc. Camma Damsted

Camma has a background as a physiotherapist with a master degree in physiotherapy and a ph.d. degree within the cause for development of running-related injuries. Now she is in a post.doc position investigating treatment strategies for meniscal tears among young adults between 18-40 years.

Ph.d. Svetlana Solgaard Nielsen

Svetlana, Ph.d. and MSc, occupational therapist. Svetlana is a occupational therapist and researcher at the department of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at Naestved, Slagelse and Ringsted Hospitals (The PROgrez Research Unit), and the Department of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark. Svetlana is investigating in how human occupations impact lifestyle, health, and well-being.

Ph.d.-student Lars Bo Jørgensen

Lars Bo has a BSc. in physiotherapy from University College Zealand (2003) and a MSc. in Sports Science from Copenhagen University (2014). Since January 2020 Lars Bo has been doing a Phd where he investigates physical activity patterns among people with multimorbidity.

Ph.d.-student Graziella Zangger

Graziella has a degree in health science and work experience within the research field of rehabilitation, physical activity, and chronic conditions. Graziella is now a PhD student and focuses on digital health, physical activity, chronic conditions, and multimorbidity.

Ph.d.-student Troels Kjeldsen

Troels has a masters degree in Sport Science from Aarhus University and is currently undertaking his PhD studies in exercise regimens for people with hip osteoarthritis. His studies are to investigate optimal delevery and type of exercise when applying "exercise as medicine" in this population.

Ph.d.-student Astrid Trulsson

Astrid graduated as a doctor from Copenhagen University in 2014 and has a master in Tropical and Infectious Diseases from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She has worked clinically in anesthesiology, internal- and general medicine and has an interest in patient focused interdisciplinary medicine.

Ph.d.-student Sofie Rath Mortensen

Sofie has a master’s degree in physiotherapy and is now employed as a ph.d.-student at PROgrez and the University of Southern Denmark. Sofie has through her work in clinical practice obtained a special interest of physical activity and individuals with chronic diseases, which she will focus on in her ph.d.

Ph.d.-student Sisse Walløe

Sisse is a midwife with international experience from Denmark, Australia and Norway. She holds a masters degree in Health Sciences - Midwifery from University of Southern Denmark. Her main area of expertise is breastfeeding and she is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Within research her areas of interest are patient safety and quality in health care.

Ph.d.-student Mette Falk Brekke

Mette has a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and work as a senior lecturer at University College Absalon. For many years, Mette been focusing on a meaningful everyday life among people with chronic or life-threatening illness. The PhD project is regarding everyday life, physical activity and patient education among people with type 2 diabetes in Region Zealand.

Ph.d.-student Jan Overgaard

Jan is a physiotherapist and researcher interested in hip fracture, older adults with signs of cognitive impairment, outcome measures, and outpatient interventions.

Ph.d.-student Jonas Ahler Eriksen

Jonas has a master's degree in physiotherapy and works as a research assistant at PROgrez and contributes across several projects with practical tasks, literature search, data processing, etc. He has previous experience with dementia patients and health economics.

Pre-ph.d. Trine Grønbek Hamborg

Trine has a master's degree in physiotherapy and has previously worked in PROgrez on the FAIR project. Trines current position as research assistent has her looking at more FAIR-data.

Research Assistent Mette Nyberg

Mette works as a research assistant across several projects. She primarily works with handling of practical, administrative and coordinating tasks in relation to the various projects, including co-responsibility for the overall planning of trials or interventions.

Project Coordinator Mette Dideriksen

Mette holds two master’s degrees in international business communication and physiotherapy and helps researchers design, monitor, and collect accurate data from clinical trials.

Communications Officer Eva Kirstine B.R. Gerlach

Eva holds a master's degree within the field of cultural studies and dissemination. She is responsible for PROgrez' social media and communication strategy. Eva does graphical assistence for the researchers, webadmin and other content creation and management. Eva is also responsible for the research unit's podcast production.